We are oneof the best supplier of petrochemicals and agrichemical products

Our Group is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading in both the oil and gas and agricultural sector.

The Group is made up of 3 Arms, the Oil and Gas Arm which manufactures petrochemicals, the Agriculture Arm which manufacture agricultural and agrichemical products and lastly the Trading Arm which source and trades in other products outside of the 2 arms named above

Big O Trading Group has direct mandates and connections to  more than 7 of South Africa's mining  and oil company which owns, operates and manages one of South Africa's petroleum industry commercial assets. Big O Trading Group is registered under South African law.

Our ever vibrant, energetic, product delivery CEO, the best we have ever had in our company history. with him at the helm, we assure you we will always offer the best petrochemical and agricultural products, services

Consulting And Trading In

Sodium Cyanide, Base Oil, White Spirit, Bitumen, Boric Acid, Calcium Carbide, Granular Sulphur White Spirit Base Oil Research Chemicals Sodium Cyanide Liquid Silver Mercury Petroleum Coke/ Coal Bitumen/ Tar/ Asphalt Light Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Full Cream Milk Powder Sunflower Oil White Icumsa45 Sugar Yellow Corn/ Maize Light Speckled Kidney Beans Rice/ Irri-6 Long Grain White Rice Golden Wheat Grain Fertilizers/ UreaGranular Sulphur Linear Alkyl Benzene Butyl Acrylate Monomer Toluene Styrene Boric Acid Calcium Carbide Vinyl Acetate Monomer

Big O Trading Group vigorously pursues investment opportunities both internationally and within South Africa, with a special focus on Africa. A pioneer in Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) technology, Big O Trading owns and operates GTL refineries. GTL technology is recognized throughout the world for producing the fuels, through an environmentally friendly process. Big O Trading is currently at an advanced stage of a project that could see the establishment of a world-class crude refinery in South Africa

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